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Music in Language Classes: Project of International Collaboration

Katerina Stroblova, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Salvatore Luberto, Università della Calabria (Italy)


Why should we use music in language classes? We can use song lyrics as authentic material to improve listening skills, pronunciation, accent, spelling, expand student vocabulary, cultural knowledge, work on language components, and inspire students at the same time. The paper describes a project of international collaboration based on the use of music in language classes regardless of the language taught. The aim of the project is to show how songs are beneficial and can boost motivation in learners of all ages. Following a survey carried out among students, in the first stage an Italian and English version of a song was prepared and used in class with several groups of students in the Czech Republic and in Italy. The focus was then creating an anxiety-free environment by generating fun and enjoyable warm-up, main and follow-up activities in class as well as in VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). The experiment of how several aspects of a language can be addressed and recycled in songs was based on experience with students of different degree courses and levels of competences. A number of VLEs were used and the paper also discusses internet issues experienced and solved during the experiment. In a context of international collaboration, this experiment represents a contribution to more complex research based on the elementary idea of music as universal language.

Keywords: international collaboration, language classes, motivation, music, VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

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