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Psycho–Emotional Effects of 15-16 Years Adolescence on Pandemic

Ida Kruti, University College “Wisdom” (Albania)


The Covid Pandemic - 19 like any other pandemic carries personal, economic, social, and social psycho-emotional effects in each of us, in any society.  Development of adolescents known a greater sensitivity towards powerful closures, which had many countries in the first phase of the pantheon. Anxiety, fear, social distancing, insecurity that was closely linked to the loss life of a loved person, as well as the new lifestyle conditioned by the pandemic has caused high levels of stress and frustration, seriously endangering their well-functioning lives. The test included 123 students in three high schools in the capital city. The 66 girls, 54 percent of the sample and 57 boys, 46 percent of the sample, aged 15-16 years. The time of completion of the questionnaire was September - October 2020 10th grade students who started going on school physics. They were directly affected during the period March - September 2020 when this age group was excluded from the possibility of movement(going outside). Students who participated in the questionnaire live and attend school in the Albanian capital. The results show that there is a strong connection between closure and psycho-emotional effects on adolescents, 80% of girls have experienced increased stress, anxiety, sedentary life due to lack of socialization, physical activity and fun events, while 78% of boys claim to have experienced increased stress, insomnia and aggressive behavior due to lack of socialization, physical activity and fun events.

Keywords: teens, boys, girl, pantemic, psycho-emotional effects.


  • Damion J. Grasso, Margaret J. Briggs-Gowan & Alice S. Carter Epidemic-Pandemic Impacts Inventory, 2020
  • Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak, World Health Organization( 2020)
  • Gunnell. D, Suicide risk and prevention during the COVID – 19 pandemic, 2020

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