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Principles of Harmonized Training of Specialists in the Automotive Industry of the Russian Federation and Finland

Mikhail Kanavtsyev, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (Russian Federation)

Natalia Trifonova, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (Russian Federation)


The territorial proximity of Finland and St. Petersburg in Russia, as well as the well-developed logistics and information infrastructure of both regions, are the forerunners of a cross-border ecosystem aimed at sharing best practices and developing innovative products. In creating an educational and entrepreneurial ecosystem, the principles of organizing the educational process, the possibility of free access to education markets, the mobility of students and labor and other opportunities for cooperation will be of particular importance. Education in the field of the automotive industry was chosen as a priority area for research.
Thus, the Russian-Finnish cross-border ecosystem of the automotive industry opens up wide opportunities for cooperation and improvement of educational programs in light of the demand for future specialists who develop a globally competitive product. Automotive trends such as globalization, automation, increased competition and increased complexity of control systems will lead to a significant shift in the labor market in the automotive industry.

Keywords: curriculum development, adult education, automotive industry, cross-border education.


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