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Identifying Learning Strategies and Needs of the Students in their L2 Acquisition at the University of West Bohemia: A Case Study

Olesya Petrenko, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Arniel Habac, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Tereza Havránková, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)


The use of different learning strategies by language learners is indisputably one of the many crucial factors that can greatly influence the second language (L2) acquisition process. By exploring these strategies and their practical application to language learning, students and teachers can be provided with a tool that is both reciprocal and collaborative. As the language level of university students increases, it is crucial to provide them with new and adequate approaches to further enhance their language level and ensure that they know how to improve their L2 skills before entering the job market. This paper aims to critically examine the different learning strategies and acquire a better understanding of the needs, expectations, and challenges of the students at the University of West Bohemia in order to adjust the courses and fulfill the needs and expectations of these students. The first part of the article delves on the theoretical background of the different kinds of learning strategies and summarizes the outcomes of recent studies in this area. This part also introduces the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) that was chosen by the researchers as the framework for measuring the students` learning strategies. The second part of the article presents the research design and hypotheses of the research, which will be conducted at the University of West Bohemia  for the period covering the academic year of 2020/2021.

Keywords: learning strategies, language acquisition, strategy for language learning.

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