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Sweets Arithmetic Online Study. Make Sweets with Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Hands and Head

Mayumi Ueno, Home-Education-Labo (Japan)


Even in Japan, the online education is progressing at a rapid pace due to the covid-19. Online content with learning effect is required. Is there any online content that anyone can easily experience?  I have been holding a classroom for elementary school students to make sweets and to teach arithmetic related to it for eight years. Making sweets uses arithmetic, such as thinking about procedures, measuring ingredients, and thinking about proportions. For example, I will introduce the arithmetic of banana cake . "The recipe is for four people. If two more your friends are coming and you want to make a banana cake for six people.How do you calculate the quantity? “ The students who are hard to think in school arithmetic lessons  start thinking positively. Because they want their two friends to eat the banana cake they made. So the students tend to like arithmetic because of recognizing that it is useful as well as remembering the delicious taste of sweets. I have made a workbook for six  sweets arithmetic studies: banana cake, tart, Japanese rice sweet, ball cake, cream puff, and madeleine. And I also do live video of these contents. In this paper I would like to report on the learning of children who watched a live broadcast of my online contents.

Keywords: Arithmetic, Online, Make Sweets ,Elementary Students.

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