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A Journey from International Student to Immigrant in Norway

Bishnu Maya Adhikari, Nord University (Norway)


Though, Norway brings the international students (IS) from almost all over the world, mainly from the developing countries and invests a lot of money on them through free education and scholarship, it does not want them stay upon graduation  (Teshnar,2009). Consequently, it  has a stricter immigration policy which expects them to return back to their home country after their final exams (Brekke, 2006)). However, many south Asian and African international students stay in Norway after completed their education. therefore, my dissertation firstly attempts to gain an insight into their motivation to study abroad and choose Norway for it, and their motivation to stay in Norway after completed their studies. For this, it explores their immigration trajectories and the strategies they use to stay permanently  in Norway or as longer as possible. While doing so, the study focuses on their skilled job seeking experiences, family co-operationalism and challenges and dilemmas they go through during their journeys from international student to immigrant. The work consists of 27 in-depth interviews. Theoretically, the study applies push and pull theory of migration, goal setting theory and the intersectionality.


  • Brekke, Jan-Paul 2006). International Students and Immigration to Norway. ISF Report 2006:8
  • Teshnar, T. (2009). International students in Norway : a study of migration motivation. Master thesis, UiO.

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