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Interruption, Suspension, and Sustaining: Catalyst for Change in Future Education After Covid-19

Ilana Shapira, Simon Fraser University (Canada)


The first step toward the enhancement of students’ engagement is an authentic dialogue between teachers and the digital world in which students are immersed.   The breakout of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic forced educators to encounter the world in the most interrupted way possible. Schools were closed, and online teaching became the only way to carry on education. Teachers had no choice but to dialogue with both the real (the technology and progressive teaching approaches) and with the reality (the new world of digitalization and constant changes.) In this paper, I argue that the challenging encounter with Covid-19 exposed the complex relationships between education and a world in a liminal stage- a world that went through the technology revolution and is now at the beginning of the artificial intelligence revolution. The great challenge of Covid-19 also doing a significant service in rehabilitating these relationships, opening an extraordinary opportunity for a fruitful dialogue between education and the real world. My argument is based on my personal working experience as a teacher and teacher of teachers of Hebrew as an additional language, prior to and during the pandemic. I examine the teachers’ engagement with the innovative ideas that I present in IVRIKAL (an innovative online teaching/learning space for an additional language). My experience is described from the perspective of Biesta’s three domains of teachers’ work: interruption, suspension and sustaining.

Keywords: Covid-19, additional languages, teachers’ work, students’ engagement. 


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