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OnOff Method: New Methods to Explore Digital Archives

Charu Monga, Assistant Professor (India)


This paper proposes a new method that offers a short but in-depth way to create the “WHAT” in design research through my six years in Assam, India, about design and architecture data of religious places at different histories that have been transformed by design. Finding the accurate references in the world of digital archives should be the main and important step in Design Research (DR), because the explosion of information some parts are excellent when others are irrelevant. In these days of information overload, the main problem in design research is to remove the unnecessary cosmetic details from the ocean of data, throw away the chaff and preserve the wheat kernels. The collection of relevant data for a design research (DR) should include the entire circle of the human, demographic, and socio-cultural spectrum of the research subject. This process has three stages: first, to set a DR digitized archive through random collection of general information; The second, careful scanning of information relevant to research topics; Third, tough filtering of accurate information in order to design self-research brief. All the research topics that surround the person and his culture: text, picture, images, painting, sculpture, music, customs, ceremonies, storytelling, crafts, designs etc. plays a significant role. The research analyses multifaceted dimensions in cultural construction through data analysis. To illustrate the OnOff method the paper will present visual examples of research processes.  

Keywords: Education, Cultural construction, Virtualization, Communication, Animation.


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