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Online Sumbungan: Expressing Emotions Through Social Media Posts

Jenina Moirah Acosta, Lorma Colleges, La Union (Philippines)

Kristine C. Acosta, Lorma Colleges, La Union (Philippines)

Cyron Marie C. Delos Santos, Lorma Colleges, La Union (Philippines)

Leonardo Visaya, Lorma Colleges, La Union (Philippines)


Social Media platforms give great utility to a great many people. It can be used as a form of communication to even a form of expression. The researchers’ aim however is to study the latter, to study the way people express themselves on Social media. The research is a Qualitative Paper with descriptive research design. The participants of this research are adults within the age range of 26-35 years old and use Social Media platforms as a means of expression. 10 to 15 respondents from the different municipalities of La Union were then found and chosen with the use of snowball sampling. A semi structured interview was then conducted online. Finally, the data were funneled through the final filters of thematization and categorization. Through these processes, these were the things concluded: that the most used platforms are Facebook and Twitter. That people see Social media as a great tool for communication and a good way to catch up with each other. It also found that Social media helped the participants cope with emotional struggles and that the majority of them felt happy and satisfied aȅer sharing how they felt on Social Media. Finally, it states the opinion of most of the respondents, the belief being that thinking first and being courteous is the appropriate way to conduct oneself on a Social Media platform but of course, some went against this, stating that being unfiltered and or impulsive isn’t such a bad thing.

Keywords: communication, expression, freedom, self-care, self-satisfaction.

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