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Perceptions of Use of Technology-Enabled Learning, Computer Self-Efficacy and Internet Anxiety: From the Lens of the Visayas State University - Isabel Students

Abegail I. Anonat, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Rey T. Boholst, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Ma. Erica T. Cajes, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Jessamyn L. Sadaya, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Jenny Rose M. Sumaylo, Visayas State University (Philippines)


This study investigated the students’ perception of use of technology-enabled learning, computer self-efficacy and internet anxiety. The participants of the study were selected using convenience sampling technique from 1st to 5th year students of Visayas State University- Isabel Campus, of S.Y. 2020-2021. The total number of college students in all year level participated were 715 respondents of the particular survey. This survey research investigated students through online questionnaire by using online platform (Google Form). The study employed a quantitative correlational research design and descriptive research design to examine computer self-efficacy, internet anxiety and perceptions of use of technology-enabled learning. Using the Mean and Standard deviation, the findings of the study was students agree on the level of computer self-efficacy and perception of use of technology-enabled learning while students undecided that they have experienced anxiety in dealing with internet. The findings also found out that there is significant moderate positive correlation between perception of use of technology-enabled learning and computer self-efficacy and it also found out that there is significant low negative correlation between students’ computer self-efficacy and internet anxiety.

Keywords: perception of use of technology-enabled learning, computer self-efficacy, internet anxiety VSU-Isabel.


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