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Analysis of Students’ Attitude Towards the Use of Internet and Motivational Belief and Social Support: From the Lens of VSU-Isabel Students

Meljohn N. Mancao, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Almarie B. Cando, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Julie Jean M. Borinaga, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Well May Jane G. Biong, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Cristy M. Baloro, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Andrew Rio E. Esperanza, Visayas State University (Philippines)

Rodulfo T. Aunzo, Visayas State University (Philippines)


Internet is an indispensable technological tool in an advanced world. It plays a significant role in every academic institution. In this study, the researchers investigated the students’ attitude towards the use of internet and students’ motivational belief and social support. There were 687 student-respondents from Visayas State University - Isabel who were selected using a convenience sampling technique and answered the survey using google form. Based on the descriptive-quantitative correlation approach of this study, the following findings were derived: students have positive attitude toward the use of internet, students were undecided about the level of their computer self-efficacy, students gave high value to computers, students have a high parental support to computers, and students have a high peer support to computers. Also, it was found out that there is a significant positive correlation between students’ attitude towards the use of internet and students’ computer self-efficacy, computer value belief, parental support, and peer support. Furthermore, results show that students gave a high regard to internet use and found themselves comfortable using the internet. It is recommend that the student have to align their potential to a significant and positive use of the internet. Also, it is recommended to equip the students with basic internet tools fully develop their academic potentials.

Keywords: Students’ Attitude Towards the Use of Internet, Motivational Belief and Social Support, VSU – Isabel.

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