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Facebook Group: Mathematics Teaching-Learning Process Beyond the Four Walls

Rodulfo T. Aunzo, Visayas State University (Philippines)


Facebook group is utilized by almost any organizations. They used it as an avenue to discuss topics and other issues relevant to their existence. Nowadays, there are lots Mathematics educators who have already taken advantage on its utility as means of delivering learning materials to their students. With these, this research study on utilizing Facebook group in Mathematics teaching-learning process was conducted to the pioneer batch of ABM students at University of San Carlos – Senior High School, Cebu City Philippines. The students learned a new lesson through this phenomenal and modernized communication tool. Results of the statistical analysis showed that the utilization of Facebook group in Mathematics teaching-learning process is effective. This is evidenced by the post-test results of the experimental and the controlled groups which are statistically equal. This shows that the performance of students in the experimental group and the controlled group are equivalent with each other. This is because the experimental didn’t undergo classroom discussion, but still they performed equally with the controlled groups who underwent a classroom discussion. Other relevant findings of the study are presented in this paper.

Keywords: teaching-learning mathematics, Facebook group, online cooperative learning, mathematics education, experimental study.

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