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The Mediating Effect of Confidence in Using Technology on the Relationship between Perceived Peer Support and Computer Value Belief: Evidence from VSU - Isabel Students

Erica Mae Cuabo, Visayas State University- Isabel (Philippines)

Rodulfo Aunzo, Jr., Visayas State University Isabel- Campus (Philippines)

Julien Abada, Visayas State University Isabel (Philippines)

Ricki Mae Guiling, Visayas State University Isabel (Philippines)


Abstract: The study investigates the mediating effect of confidence in using technology on the relationship between perceived peer support and computer value belief. The participants of the study were students from the Visayas State University - Isabel and were selected using convenience sampling technique. The study employed a quantitative research design and a causal research approach to measure the relationships of confidence in using technology, perceived peer support, and computer value belief. Using the partial least squares - structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM), the findings revealed that perceived peer support has a significant positive effect on computer value belief. Moreover, there is also a significant and positive relationship between perceived peer support and confidence in using technology. Regarding confidence in using technology and computer value belief, the result indicated that these two constructs are significantly and positively related. The mediation model also suggested that confidence in using technology mediates the relationship between perceived peer support and computer value belief with medium effect size. Learning implications of the study were also provided.

Keywords: perceived peer support, confidence in using technology, computer value belief, mediation model, partial least square, SEM


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