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Authoritarian vs Authoritative: On the Eyes of High School Students

Leonardo Visaya, Lorma Colleges, La Union (Philippines)


There are different types of classroom management styles that are being practiced by educators all around the world, 2 of them being : the authoritarian and the authoritative. This idea became the bottom line to conduct a study entitled “Authoritarian vs Authoritative: On the Eyes of High School Students”. This study aimed to identify  how students view these two classroom management style.  The researchers gathered data by using the semi-structured individual interview to 15 participants from the students of Grade 7 to Grade 9 of Lorma Special Science High School. The collected data was analyzed using narrative analysis and categorization. The findings show the preference of the students towards one of the management styles and their reasons. Majority of the respondents preferred the Authoritative style. When asked why, a common answer was given: that the respondents preferred the environment which upholds high standards and also projecting genuine warmth.  The researchers identified a pattern with the teaching methods of the two methods. The authoritative teachers give their students the necessary tools and guidance for them to find the answer themselves while the authoritarian dictates the answer to their students as if it was dogma: an unquestionable truth. These findings lead the researchers into a conclusion that the Authoritative classroom management creates a more favorable learning environment.

Keywords: authoritative classroom management; authoritarian classroom management.

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