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Effect of Phonological Awareness Training in Improving the Reading Skills Among Children with Dyslexia

Remya U, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai (India)


Investigator attempted to find out the effect of phonological awareness training in improving the reading skills among children with dyslexia. True Experimental Research Design with Pre and Post – tests have been employed in the study. Investigator has chosen ten domains of phonological awareness namely rhyming words, alliteration, letter sound awareness, syllabification, phoneme blending, phoneme segmentation, phoneme deletion, phoneme isolation, phoneme substitution and word recognition. In total the number of items is 125 and the total score is also the same. There were 15 students with dyslexia were selected as the sample for the present study. Among the 15 students, 10 represent experimental group and remaining 5 were in the control group adopting non probability, purposive sampling method. The phonological awareness intervention was implemented among the sample for 25 sessions. The collected data were analysed quantitatively by applying t- test and Mann- Whitney test. The findings of the study indicate that significant difference exist in pre-test and post- test of mean difference scores in the sample on learning of phonological awareness and basic reading skills. It also states that the performance level of the sample after intervention in all the domains of phonological awareness were higher than the before intervention. 

Keywords: Phonological Awareness, Reading skills, children with dyslexia.

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