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Edition 14

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Gamification as a Stirring Learning Tool

María del Prado Camacho Alarcón, University of Castilla-La-Mancha (Spain)


The present article aims to highlight the key role games have deservedly acquired in education and how gamification is able to enhance our students’ academic performance as a result of boosting their motivation and participation in their own learning process. We will also focus on analysing the importance of activating our students’ rewarding system and the benefits of creating a positive learning atmosphere in our classroom. Throughout the following pages, we will scrutinize different types of game-based elements and the benefits of using technology in a gamified classroom.  Furthermore, we will remark its value as a tool to obtain the significant learning that comes from social interaction as games will provide our students with the opportunity to follow rules in a motivational course of action (Casado, 2016) as well as acquiring new knowledge and evaluating their learning process (Azevedo, 2018).To conclude, we will analyse the power of mistakes and how to deal with them as well as how to work the emotional component in a language classroom in order to get a proficient learning development (García-Moreno, 2019).

Keywords: gamification, motivation, social interaction, rewarding system, neuroeducation.


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