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Best Practices for Geometry Teaching and Learning

Nafaa Chbili, United Arab Emirates University (United Arab Emirates)


Geometry contributes to helping students develop the skills of visualization, critical thinking, intuition, perspective, problem-solving, conjecturing, deductive reasoning, logical argument and proof [1]. Unlike other branches of mathematics such as calculus and linear algebra, geometry is not computational. Consequently, teaching geometry solving techniques to students is generally a very challenging task. It remains a controversial issue as there is no agreement among educators about the most effective geometry teaching approach [2].
Based on our experience with  pre-service teachers and other undergraduate students, we explain the main challenges faced by   geometry learners, and we discuss different types of remedial actions that have been implemented to support students’ achievement of course learning outcomes. In particular, we present some results of course learning outcomes assessments that show an improvement in the level of attainment of a specific course learning outcome as a consequence of the change of instructional methodology from traditional to project-based learning. We conclude that augmenting geometry courses by project-based learning helped students build robust conceptual maps and improved geometry solving skills.

Keywords: Geometry, project-based learning, course outcomes.


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