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The Effect of the Dramas on the Egyptian Public Opinion regarding Terrorism in the Middle East: A Survey Study on the Egyptian Youth at Cairo University.

Dana Hisham Mohamed Abdrabo, Cairo University (Egypt)


The paper focuses on the Media Education; it studies the effect of media –especially the Drama works- on the public opinion. The paper shows how Drama -also different media tools- plays an important role in shaping social minds- what is related to the social engineering within the social sciences. The paper concentrates on the effect of Media Education -through using Dramas works as a new learning environment- on defining terrorism in the Middle East and taking certain stands towards it. The paper uses the Survey method with a sample of Egyptian youth from Cairo University to examine such effect.  Dramas have a role in directing emotions in a certain way towards religions and behaviors in various ways, and so in directing youth towards Terrorism in the Middle East. The paper is related to Education, Social Change, Media Education, political sociology, and cognition fields.

Keywords: media education, dramas, social engineering, terrorism in the Middle East.


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