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Capabilities and Recognition of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Investigating the Effect of Field Training on Increasing the Recognition of Entrepreneurial Opportunities among Iranian Entrepreneurs

Mahdieh Abadouz, Independent Researcher (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


According to recent findings, Iranians are unable to identify entrepreneurial opportunities despite their highly efficient entrepreneurial ability. Addressing this important feature in the entrepreneurship industry can greatly help advance the goals of entrepreneurship development in Iran. On the other hand, today we cannot ignore the importance of specialized and efficient training for personal and social growth and development, and with the growth of the entrepreneurial industry in Iran, the education-oriented approach in this area has been considered by various managers and industrialists. Field training is one of the solutions that can help strengthen the people of a moving business team or entrepreneurs and leaders. According to previous studies, field training and on-the-job learning are more effective. Therefore, such an approach with targeted training programs in start-ups can have a direct impact on team growth and success. Also, considering the importance of the effect of field training on the growth and development of entrepreneurial abilities, it can be expected that the search and opportunistic view among the members of a team or managers and entrepreneurial leaders will be strengthened. Wiped out. To the extent that any member of a startup team or any manager and entrepreneur can move the boundaries of success of this industry in Iran by promoting entrepreneurial awareness and increasing the productivity of their social intelligence. What is still felt in the vacuum industry is the lack of a clear and purposeful educational program to improve the level of knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs in the field of technology. This need is felt among entrepreneurs and heads of households and the poor.

Keywords: field training, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship opportunities, start-up, company, personal development.


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