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I am a Global Citizen. Or am I not? International Business Schools’ Students and Global Citizenship. A Scoping Literature Review of the Last Decade (2013-2022)

Nikolaos Misirlis, HAN University of Applied Sciences International School of Business Arnhem, The Netherlands (The Netherlands)


I am not Athenian, or a Greek but a citizen of the world. (Socrates, 399 BC). Almost two and a half centuries back, Socrates, the Greek philosopher was claiming his global citizenship against his Greek or Athenian one.  Today a citizen of the world is considered someone who recognizes and understands the world in its broadest sense as well as his/her place within it. The citizen of the world has an active role in the world and strives for it,  recognizing diversity and striving for a better, more just, and peaceful planet. Today, the need to train young students to become not only worthy scientists but active citizens of the world is even more pressing. More specifically, business school students are now targeting 7 billion potential customers rather than their narrow geographic circle. The need to educate them, therefore, is greater for business students.

This review examines the scientific articles of the last decade, approaching the subject through the methodology of the scoping literature review. Starting with the Boolean search “global citizens*" AND "education" AND ("international business" OR "international business school?") in the ScienceDirect, emerald, and Scopus databases, the review resulted in only scientific journal articles, strictly targeted at tertiary education ONLY of international business schools and ONLY in those articles that study global citizenship. For reasons of up-to-date knowledge, the present literature was content with the final decade.

A total of 13 articles are recorded as a result of the aforementioned Boolean search from a total of 216 articles identified in the first phase of the search. The results will help the researchers to acquire the required knowledge base for their research, the academics to incorporate new methods in their teaching and the approach of their students, and the policymakers to adapt the schools' curricula according to the data from the articles present in the literature review.


Global citizenship, higher education, literature review 


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