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Building Global Communities Through Bilingual Education

Jarema Drozdowicz, Faculty of Educational Studies, Poland (Poland)


Bilingual education can be considered as a crucial step in the process of community building, especially in the context of multicultural societies. However bilingualism today is being taught often in a manner which lacks effectiveness in the practical application of the second language and furthermore present significant deficits in the building of social relation through language. This paper tackles the issue of bilingual education from the perspective of community building approach. It involves the study of language acquisition by young children in preschool age through the application of modern technological tools like AI for example. The study shows not only shows how this process is being implemented, and what outcomes are being expected, but also unveils the wider context of transforming the structural basis of future global societies, international cooperation, sustainable development and multicultural policies etc. In effect we must reconsider our approach towards the local and global cultural structures, as well it requires us to redefine how we understand the issue of a foreign language in the first place. The combination of practical application of selected language learning tools, the involvement of local governments and officials, the implementation of new educational policies, and building an international cooperation network connecting educators, officials, activists and other social actors linked with the problem of education and schooling will allow to gain significant advantages on a cognitive, social, organizational and cultural level. The paper highlights the most important aspects of specific bilingual education practices on the example of Poland and other European countries

Keywords Bilingualism, Bilingual Education, Global Language, Foreign Language , Preschool

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