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What was lost, what do we recover?

Hardin L.K. Coleman, Boston University - Wheelock College of Education and Human Development (United States)

Karen Corbett Sanders, Mount Vernon Representative, Fairfax County School District, Virginia (United States)


There is nowhere in the world that has not been touched by the trauma of the Covid pandemic which started in the early months of 2021 and persists as a looming threat to our health and well being as individuals and communities.  We are newly engaged in trying to understand what was lost to us in this pandemic and how we can begin to recover from this trauma.  No where are these questions more pertinent than in the educational institutions that care for and hold our children.  The focus of this presentation will be to look at the data we have about was lost in schools in the hope that it will point to ways in which we can recover. One can look at data with very different lens, which will then tell a different story.  The lens of this paper will be on the social emotional grounding that we all need in order to flourish and what the authors see as the foundation of academic performance.  Without social emotional skills, it is very challenging for a child to be a productive learn


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