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Utilizing Interactive Pedagogy to Overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic Influence

Ping Xu, University of Colorado Boulder (United States)



The COVID-19 pandemic has affected students physically and mentally. College students took four semesters of remote classes from Spring 2020 to Fall 2021. Spending time in an isolated learning environment negatively influenced their education. The author, a professor teaching senior undergraduate courses, has noticed that her current students' class behaviors are different from those before the pandemic. Students have fewer questions and reactions in class discussions, easily becoming unconfident, anxious, and sometimes depressed. To overcome the pandemic influence, the author has made the following endeavors. First, she taught students Chinese Tai Chi during class breaks. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise to enhance physical and mental health. Students were enthusiastic about the meditative practice of Tai Chi, becoming more focused and engaged in class. Secondly, increasing outdoor class activities has been utilized to boost student positivity. The author instructed the entire class on two field investigations. Following her lectures and guidance, small student groups conducted four more field investigations to study the high-impact areas of the debris flow initiated from miles away. Students were excited about their interactive discoveries and learned that considering large-scale factors in site selection is critical to avoid potential failures. Finally, class debates have been designed to help students develop their ability to articulate and evaluate arguments, increasing communication among classmates. As a result, students have maintained a high attendance rate. Their presentations and essays have demonstrated outstanding learning outcomes and creative viewpoints. This experiment of interactive pedagogy indicates that enhancing students' physical and mental health is critical in undergraduate education. The professor is not merely a knowledge deliverer but also a learning facilitator.

Keywords: Interactive Pedagogy, Pandemic influence, Tai Chi exercise, Field investigations, Health


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