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The Benefits of the Mindful Minutes in Early Childhood

Austėja Landsbergienė, Vaikystės Sodas (Lithuania)


As of September 2022 we have started using Mindful Minutes in our Early Childhood centers. We have developed our own system and have designed our own cards for practicing mindfulness with children under 6.

We began this practice because it helps children learn to self-regulate and to develop foundation for social-emotional skills. During just five months we have noticed that the practice helps our students to face emotional challenges and teaches them to notice their feelings – which is a very important skill.

We believe that this practice enhances students’ wellbeing and that by sharing our success story we will encourage other early childhood practitioners to introduce this practice into daily routine.

Besides, we have also noticed that it had an effect on our parents (we have introduced webinars for the parents) and the teachers who practice mindfulness with the students and have reported a higher wellbeing as well.

I would like to share what we have developed and the effects of it on our community.



Early Childhood Education, Mindfulness, Social-emotional, Well-being, Play, Community


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