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Beyond the Hype: The Complex Relationship Between Technology and Autonomy in Language Learning

Amal Basheikh, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)


Do advances in technology facilitate independent learning? Or do learners need to be autonomous to use technology for learning outside the classroom? We need to understand learners' experiences to answer these questions and find out how we can further support them in the classroom. Therefore, in this presentation, I share the results of my study, which examined the practices and experiences of seven Saudi female university students who used smartphones to facilitate English learning. The study also looked at the challenges learners face in such settings. Data analysis found that smartphones enabled participants to engage in diverse language-learning activities. For example, they created opportunities to practise English as part of their daily lives and engaged in communicative practices. However, some learners reported losing motivation during their independent learning journey with smartphones. Others said they need more guidance to use the tools to improve their English. Lack of knowledge and training in how to direct their learning are among the most significant challenges facing learners. The findings of this study help raise students' awareness of how to use their smartphones for language learning and about the process of independent learning and help teachers adapt their classroom practices to support independent language learning.



Independent learning, Technology, Mobile-Assisted-Language-Learning (MALL),  …



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