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Learning Digitalization of the Cultural Heritage: An Intellectual Property Perspective

Polina Stoyanova, UNWE (Bulgaria)


The purpose of this paper is to present the role of cultural heritage digitalization education from an intellectual property perspective.

The audience of the course are intellectual property students at the UNWE, Bulgaria. The aim is to acquaint students with the current issues related to digital transformation in the cultural sector and the economic realization of digitalized cultural heritage. The course focuses on the objects of intellectual property in cultural heritage and the current system of protection in the national and international aspects. The types of cultural heritage and its role in implementing the business models of cultural institutions in a digital environment are analyzed. A special focus is placed on intangible cultural heritage and traditional knowledge, and their role in preserving the customs and knowledge of communities in a digital environment.

The importance of intellectual property management for the economic realization of digitalized cultural heritage is examined, as well as its potential for creative industries in the digital economy.

The forms or economic realizations are analyzed in the context of business models and changing demands of the society in the digital environment.

Current examples of good practices for the digital transformation of cultural heritage, the building of professional networks, and the economic realization of cultural values in a digital environment are presented. The importance of strategies for the digitalization and management of the intellectual property of cultural heritage for policies in the cultural sector are analyzed.


Keywords: digital transformation, digitalization, cultural heritage, intelllectual property rights, intellectual property management, traditional knowledge



Kremers, Horst (ed.). Digital cultural heritage. Springer, 2020.

Ubertazzi, Benedetta. Intangible cultural heritage, sustainable development and intellectual property. Springer, 2022.


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