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Correlations of job satisfaction and occupational stressors with personality factors in three school units

Dorin-Gheorghe Triff, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca , North University Center (Romania)

Zorica Triff, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, North University Center of Baia Mare (Romania)

Mușata Bocoș, Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Cluj Napoca, Romania (Romania)


During the programmed occupational-medicine  medical check-up, employees from three schools (a kindergarten, a secondary school and a high school) received a questionnaire, for voluntary completion, which included the following: socio-demographic characteristics, perceived self efficacy, The 7 Personality Factors from Saucier, four occupational stressors (Communication with other employees, Communication with superiors, Difficult collaboration with  students, Work Tasks) and Job Satisfaction Survey.  Although there are many correlations between the studied variables, different depending on the school, there are also significant  correlations in all 3 schools. Job Satisfaction Survey subdimension named Satisfaction with supervision correlates positively in all three school units with agreeableness (p<0.001 in high school, p=0.006 in school, p=0.034 in kindergarten). Difficult collaboration with  pupils  positively correlates with Work tasks in all three units: kindergarten (p=0.006),  in school (p=0.024), in high school (p=0.018).

Attractiveness correlates negatively with age in kindergarten (p=0.012), in school (p=0.015), in high school (p<0.001), suggesting a maturation process of this personality trait in school units employees.

The fact that job satisfaction with supervision has a significant association with the stressor represented by communication with superiors only in high school (p<0.001) compared to the association with the agreeableness personality trait present in all 3 school units suggests the important weight of this personality trait compared to the weight represented by stress related to communication with superiors in job satisfaction.


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