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The action of digital design in the awareness against school bullying – a case study for the analysis of digital communication

Jorge Brandão Pereira, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave / ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture (Portugal)

Beatriz Guimarães, lnstitute for Research in Design, Media and Culture ID +; Polytechnic lnstitute of Cávado and Ave, Design School, Barcelos, Portugal (Portugal)


Bullying is a recurring phenomenon in society that can happen at school, work, or even at family level. It is known that the practice of this form of aggression involves several dimensions, which characterizes it as a problem of concern and difficult to combat for all involved. In the current context of globalization, social transformation and constant evolution of the magnitude of the role of the digital and online media in peer relationships, the practice of bullying and cyberbullying has been increasing and gaining prevalence in our society.

Particularly in school culture, the phenomenon has been growing in size and echo, which not only conditions students' learning but also affects their personal and social behavior, and can generate psychological and physical damage in those who are considered the victims. Since technology and materials that enable new readings of the world are already present in the educational environment, and in an increasingly widespread way after the digital transition process that the pandemic period in 2020 and 2021 forced, it should value the role of digital communication in this process. On the other hand, by not applying it properly in the teaching-learning process and in education for inclusion, is to act against citizenship.

This paper is developed around the reflection on the digital universe in the awareness against school bullying, namely through the analysis of digital platforms that work fundamentally as an informative medium in the definition of these themes. As a methodology, it was sought to collect data of informative content, advice, and even assistance to the needs of the user of digital platforms that allude to the phenomena. In this sense, several digital platforms were identified, understanding which are the most relevant functionalities for their construction and a specific set of criteria related to their communication, experience and interface design. Design and digital thus have the possibility to be interpreted by educational actors in a way that allows accessibility and speed through efficient platforms objectively crafted to combat the problem.

An action-research project is also presented which aims at helping victims of bullying in school environment by building and ensuring a safe "atmosphere" for the potential victims (students aged 12-15), as well as for the parents and health and wellbeing professionals.


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