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Role of ECE Professionals in the Transition Process to Public School

Miachelle Andrade, Cal Poly Pomona (United States)


As 4 year olds are entering the public school system, there is increasing concern over the fragmented link in the transition process between early childhood education and primary education in the United States.  Transitional Kindergarten teachers are teaching with less early childhood education and experience in comparison to the current ECE workforce. Bypassing ECE trained professionals in the transition process  to those who lack experience and knowledge of high early education pedagogical quality, risk undermining children’s healthy development and pathways needed to support their success long term.  One solution would be to fill the gap of teachers needed, as TK grows, will the experienced ECE workforce already available. In a case study, I will interview 3 local school districts. Administrators and TK teachers will be interviewed to help understand the supports needed, relationships and attitudes with ECE professionals, and their transition practices as 4 year olds move onto their campuses, which vary from district to district.  The interviews will be conducted in late fall of 2023.  I hope to use the information, as an ECE professional, to find how better to support the relationship building between the two systems in order to enhance positive outcomes for children.

Keyowords: School system, children, education


1. Benner, Aprile D., Anna Thornton, and Robert Crosnoe. “Children’s Exposure to Sustainability Practices    During the Transition from Preschool into School and Their Learning and Socioemotional     Development.” Applied  developmental science 21.2 (2017): 121–134. Web.
2. Maniates, H. (2015). Transitional Kindergarten: An opportunity to explore the     intersection between early childhood and kindergarten practice. Early Child    Development and Care, 186(5), 750–763. 


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