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Translating blockchain websites: a corpus based case study

Octavia Mateescu, West University of Timisoara (Romania)

Mădălina Chitez, West University of Timișoara (Romania)


Translation studies represent an interdisciplinary field which has grown in popularity due to its relevance to many different areas, such as linguistics, anthropology, sociology, literature, law, business, or medicine. Recently, a major domain has emerged – blockchain, which has expanded significantly and which, in terms of terminology translation, has not yet been analysed consistently. Current technology, especially AI enhanced tools, do not integrate translation and management of such data, while translation guidelines are still missing in almost all languages. One of the few initiatives in the field is represented by the newly implemented (and still under development as of 2019) cryptographic terminology section of the Quebec Board of the French Language, which launched the cryptocurrency vocabulary. Considering the scarcity of data supported translation studies in the area of blockchain, we conducted this study which aims to elucidate linguistic challenges in translating field specific information. A corpus linguistic methodology was implemented for the analysis of blockchain, fintech and cryptography terminology used on dedicated websites. We collected data from visible worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platforms that provide online services in this industry, such as transacting tokens at a certain price, purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. In this paper, we focus on the marketing approach mediated by translation, which might affect the effectiveness of information conveying towards the wider or specialised public if the product is not presented correctly in the target language. We will implement quantitative methods in order to investigate whether website translations have used grammar and field terminology in an appropriate and target-language adapted manner. The last aspect addressed in the paper is the assessment of linguistically supported minimal marketing knowledge that drives the product towards the desired impact.

Keywords: blockchain terminology, blockchain website translation, corpus based translation studies, translation related marketing strategies

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