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Walkscape as a non-formal education practice for grasroot urban actions

Stefano Corradi, Laboratorio Urbano di Prossimità - LUP (Italy)


Although it does not constitute the physical construction of a space, the mere act of walking can transform a place and its meaning. University professor and architect Francesco Careri knows it well. He developed "Walkscaping" (Careri, 2006), an artistic/research methodology based on collective walks, which, albeit its evident educational merits, is still unknown outside of academia. Thanks to its horizontal and participatory qualities, Walkscaping would be an excellent educational activity for grassroots organizations engaged in urban regeneration or simply for any citizen eager to actively contribute to the urban policies of its city or neighborhood. Within this paper, it will be aimed to demonstrate Walkscaping's efficacy by illustrating its main characteristics, outputs and their pertinence to Experiential Learning. We will contend that such participatory actions should be extensively used to allow those directly affected by urban policies to express their opinion and actively contribute to the sustainable development of their city and community.

Keywords: urban regeneration, informal education, experiential learning, active citizenship, sustainable urbanism

Careri, F. (2006). Walkscapes: Camminare come pratica estetica. Einaudi.

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