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Impact of remote teaching on primary school students

Paula Quadros-Flores, Escola Superior de Educação - Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

Geraldo Soares-Castro, School of Education of Porto Polytechnic (Portugal)

Alexandre Pinto, School of Education of Porto Polytechnic (Portugal)

Liliana Morgado, School of Education of Porto Polytechnic (Portugal)


During the pandemic period, emergency remote teaching took prominence in the teaching and learning process. This article, integrated in the Supervised Educational Practice of the Master's Degree in Teaching in Primary School and Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Secondary School, aims to show the perception of students, parents and the class teacher on how the students learned during the pandemic period. We aimed to understand the potential of the methodological approach "Made by them to them: The Students in the Learning Process" (Quadros-Flores et al., 2019) used in the construction of knowledge and the promotion of meaningful learning.

This is a case study about an educational practice carried out by the trainee teacher who knows the reality of the learning process (Bringle & Hatcher, 2000; Yin, 2015). Thus, from an action-research perspective towards the transformation of educational practice (Coutinho et al., 2009) and because we study a social situation in order to improve the quality of action within it (Elliott, 2000), we chose to collect information from the teacher's field notes, an interview with the class teacher and a questionnaire survey with parents and 20 students attending the 4th grade in the region of Porto. The results reveal the feelings towards the learning process and the resource used, which leads us to conclude that remote emergency teaching challenged methodological renewal in the learning process that the education actors remember with pride.

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