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Preparing Teams of Educators to Meet the Needs of Multilingual Learners with And without Disabilities

Silvana Watson, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia (United States)

Tara Donahue, Manhattan Strategy Company (United States)


To address the needs of multilingual learners (MLs), we developed a year-long professional development for in-service educators working with MLs with and without disabilities in elementary schools with high enrollments of MLs. The curriculum was based on the most recent evidence-based practice guides and toolkits published by the U.S. Department of Education. The participants were recruited in teams from the same school to foster collaboration and consistency in the delivery of services. Using a longitudinal quasi-experimental approach, the effectiveness of the project was assessed through pre/post surveys, focus groups, family engagement events, and course performance. Results will be presented showing a significant difference between the pre-and post-surveys. 

Keywords: Professional development, multilingual learners, special needs



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