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Language Problems and the Learning of Music in Nigerian Universities

Chinyere Esimone, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka - Anambra State (Nigeria)

Emmanuel Umezinwa, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka - Anambra State (Nigeria)


English language is the official language of study in Nigeria. This colonial heritage has a way of effecting teaching and learning in various fields of study. These effects can be experienced or seen from the primary up to tertiary education. The powerful resilience of mother tongues in a country that has over four hundred languages adds to the degree of interference experienced especially by learners. More so, the fact that some foreign embassies still demand for English language proficiency tests from Nigerian visa applicants goes to show that the brand of English language taught and spoken in Nigeria is still suspect. This problem equally affects the teaching and learning of music. Using the participant observation method among music students has thrown up varied outcomes in measuring the influence of English language on the ability of students to understand and carry out tests and learn their instruments. The findings reveal that a good percentage of students struggle with the English language all through their primary and secondary schools with inevitable consequences at the university level. 


Keywords: Language, Music, Learning of music, Language Problems, Nigerian Universities and Nigerian Problems


Okafor, R. C. (2005). Music in Nigerian Society.Enugu: New Generation.

Agu, D. C. C. (2006). The Nigerian Policy on Education: Its impact on music education programme and delivery in Nigeria. Awka Journal of research in music and the arts (AJRMA). 3: 1-8.



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