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Determination of Graduate Accreditation Standards for Teacher Education Programs: Standard Area of Internationalization and Cooperation

Büşra Elçiçeği, Yuzuncu Yıl University (Turkey)

Kaya Yılmaz, Cumhuriyet University (Turkey)


This research was carried out in order to develop graduate quality assurance standards of teacher education programs because there is no accreditation activity in graduate programs in Turkey. Since the study is the first in the field, it is expected to be a model for graduate teacher education programs in Turkey. In the study, 8 standard fields were determined to be used in the accreditation process of graduate teacher education programs. Based on qualitative research method, this study used document analysis and Delphi technique to collect research data. Bu using document analysis, the undergraduate and graduate standards of 27 accreditation organizations from 12 countries were examined. In addition, the doctoral program standards of the Saxony region, the European Union undergraduate standards and the standards of regional quality organizations were also examined. The obtained data were analyzed by content analysis method. The undergraduate and graduate (doctoral program) accreditation standards of quality assurance institutions that are members of umbrella accreditation organizations in America and Europe were also examined. As a result of these reviews, graduate accreditation standards have been developed for teacher education programs in Turkey. The prepared standards were presented to expert opinions with the Delphi technique and the standards were revised in line with the feedback from 47 experts. As a result of the study, a total of 8 standards and 88 sub-standards were determined. These standards are curriculum and teaching (25 sub-standards), faculty and instructors (9 sub-standards), students and graduate admissions policy (8 sub-standards), learning environments/resources, information access and use (9 sub-standards), internationalization and cooperation (10 sub-standards), management and quality assurance (14 sub-standards), scientific research and scientific ethics (6 sub-standards), and graduate program evaluation team (7 sub-standards). In this study, the sub-standards of the "Internationalization and Cooperation" standard field will be presented.


Keywords: Quality assurance, Teacher education programs, Graduate accreditation standards, Internationalization and cooperation



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