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The Measurement of the Attributes of Teachers who Teach English as a Foreign Language in China

Huifang Liu, Zhejiang Ocean University (China)


Although the links between teacher attributes and language learners’ motivation and achievements have been extensively explored in Western countries, this field of research in the Chinese context remains under-researched. A measurement tool of teacher attributes that is developed in the Chinese context is essential to the identification of the most effective attributes of teachers who teach English as a foreign language. This study focused on the construction and validation of the Questionnaire on Teacher Attributes, which would be employed among students to investigate motivating attributes of English teachers in China and other regions with the same cultural heritage. A well-designed questionnaire helps a researcher to obtain relevant information most efficiently, but designing such a questionnaire is complex and time-consuming (Artino, et al., 2014). Moreover, the reliability and validity of measures used on survey questionnaires has critical influence on the proper interpretation of findings. Therefore, the procedures of development of this questionnaire were rigorously designed. Information from the literature and a focus-group discussion informed the generation of the questionnaire items. Experienced teachers were invited to review the questionnaire for face validity. The software R was employed for quantitative data analysis. The results of this exploratory study indicated that a valid and reliable survey questionnaire was constructed. This study was the first to develop and establish the reliability and validity of the Questionnaire on Teacher Attributes, which could be used by Chinese teachers and also adapted and applied to other countries with similar cultural heritage.  Identifying specific teacher attributes with an effective questionnaire from students aspect will help education officials and teachers themselves to adjust related policies and teaching strategies.  



developmentof survy instrument, Questionnaire on Teacher Attributes, English teacher, validation




Artino, AR, Jr, La Rochelle, JS, Dezee, KJ, & Gehlbach, H. (2014). Developing questionnaires for educational research: AMEE Guide No.87. Med Teach. 36, 463–474. 



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