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Use of Social Media Among University Students and its Effect on the Achievement of Students

Saba Latif, Department of Education, Government College University Faisalabad (Pakistan)

Shafqat Rasool, Government College University Faisalabad (Pakistan)


The use of social media among university students is a topic of ongoing debate, with conflicting views on its impact on academic achievement. This study aimed to explore the relationship between social media use and academic achievement among university students, and to identify factors that may contribute to positive or negative effects. The study used a mixed-methods design, including a survey of 500 university students and qualitative interviews with a subset of participants.

The survey results showed that social media use was prevalent among the students, with Facebook and Instagram being the most commonly used platforms. The findings also indicated a positive relationship between social media use and academic achievement, with students who reported higher levels of social media use also reporting higher GPAs. However, the qualitative interviews revealed that excessive use of social media could be a distraction that hinders academic performance, especially when students use it to procrastinate or to stay up late at night.

Overall, the findings suggest that social media use can have both positive and negative effects on academic achievement among university students. Responsible and balanced use of social media, such as setting limits on usage and avoiding procrastination, may help students to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks.

Keywords: Social Media, University, Students, Achievement, Learning


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