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How to Turn Vocab Acquisition into Student Empowerment

Rose Garofano, Macquarie University (Australia)

Asheeka Nand, St Augustine’s College (Australia)


Vocabulary acquisition is a crucial aspect of language learning and development for all students but even more significant for students aged between 10-18. It has been established that vocabulary knowledge correlates positively with academic success and reading comprehension. This presentation explores the importance of actively teaching vocabulary to students during their adolescent years to support their language growth and academic achievements. One of the benefits of explicit vocabulary instruction is that it builds the foundation for better communication and critical thinking skills. As a result, students can better articulate their ideas in both oral and written expression. Research shows that effective vocabulary instruction includes multiple approaches such as explicit instruction and teaching context clues, context building, repeated opportunities for practice, and exposure to a wide range of words in diverse contexts. The explicit teaching of vocabulary, such as the recognition that language operates at three levels, and an understanding of the value or worth of words within texts, empowering the student with the confidence to control the creation of meaning within their own texts. Ultimately, it is necessary to address vocabulary development as an ongoing process by creating a language-rich environment that encourages constant interaction with various forms of reading materials. Through this approach, students not only acquire new vocabulary easily but also learn how to use language effectively in their academic, personal, and professional lives. 


learning, empowerment, students, vocabulary acquisition



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