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From Theory to Practice: Training Teachers in Data Driven Learning for Classroom Applications

Khaoula Daoudi, University of Limerick (Ireland)


The evolution of computerised corpora has made a revolution in the way English language is described and analysed. In language pedagogy, the use of corpora is seen as an innovative method that provides examples of authentic language use and fosters learners’ autonomy. However, despite the promising potential, the role of corpora in the classroom is minimal and a large number of researchers are advocating the need for training (Breyer, 2009; Callies, 2019; Chambers, 2019; Leńko-Szymańska, 2017). This research aims at introducing the use of corpora to Algerian ESP teachers through a short in-service teacher training course that highlights the advantage of using corpora and provide practical applications on how to use them for a variety of activities that focus on the teaching/learning of specialised lexis through Data Driven Learning. Thus, this paper reports on teachers’ perceptions towards the use of corpora and to what extent they think it can aid in teaching specialised lexis. To achieve this aim, a small-scale case study of Algerian ESP teachers was adopted, using a triangulation methodology of both qualitative and quantitative research tools. These research instruments included a pre-course questionnaire, a training course, a post course questionnaire, and an interview. The preliminary analysis of the research tools was promising, suggesting an overall enthusiasm towards the method, perceived advantages, along with potential challenges. Such insights would suggest implications to bridge the research-practice gap and promote a wider implementation of corpora as an authentic language source.

Keywords: corpora, Data Driven Learning, training, perceptions.




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