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Isolated Contexts in Australia as an Impetus for Enhancing Learning Motivation through Creative Movement

Rhiannon Marsh, School of Psychology, Western Sydney University, NSW (Australia)

Marion Marion Sturges, School of Education, Western Sydney University, NSW (Australia)

Tony Rossi, School of Health Sciences, Western Sydney University, NSW (Australia)

Kylie Steel, MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, NSW (Australia)


This research investigated the benefits of creative movement to the well-being, motivation, and academic outcomes for students in secondary education. Taking place during the initial stages of the COVID pandemic, the researchers explored the utility of learning strategies during a sudden period of enforced isolation. Data was collected from teachers from 10 different secondary schools across the globe with eighteen secondary teachers (12 Females, 6 Males, M age = 34.5, SD = 10.55) completing learning activities in either a Creative Movement (CM) Group or a Read and Revise (RR) group. Results indicated statistically significant improvement in participant academic scores regardless of group. In addition, the learning strategies supported participant learning retention, though wellbeing and motivation scores did not improve significantly from pre to post-test learning. The assessment of post-test motivation scores revealed that participant satisfaction scores were significantly higher than attention, confidence for both groups. These results support the idea that creative movement integrated with learning is as effective as more traditional approaches to learning and can increase attention and confidence for this process. 


academic skills, creativity, movement, motivation, reading, teachers  


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