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Unleashing the Veil on Inclusive School Leadership Practices in Malaysia

Donnie Adams, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Danny Dale Julius, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Recent inclusive education policies have increased accountability to leadership in schools. Inclusive leadership is concerned first and foremost with inclusion, both in its processes and the ends for which it strives. However, there is a lack of scholarly literature that addresses the ways in which school principals are engaged in the implementation of inclusive education in schools, particularly in the ASEAN context. This research draws on emerging findings from a qualitative phenomenological case study approach with six principals at selected secondary schools in Kuala Lumpur. Qualitative data analysis rendered a contextualization of inclusive school leadership practices attributes such as establishing and conveying principals’ vision; connecting with external communities; creating a supportive learning organization; involve in students’ learning; and facilitates high-quality learning experience. This study provides insight into enacting inclusive leadership practices in Malaysia. The research also highlights ways in which leaders provide educational direction towards a more inclusive school system that may be applied in other parts of the world and in different cultural contexts.


Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Education, School Leadership, Malaysia


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