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Homeschooled teenagers' opinion regarding their education

Ari Neuman, Western Galilee College (Israel)

Oz Guterman, Western Galilee College (Israel)

Efrat Gill, Western Galilee College (Israel)


Homeschool a cultural-educational phenomenon in which children of all ages do not attend school. During the past decades, this phenomenon has been increasing in numbers and gaining legitimacy in many countries. With this increase in numbers and legitimacy, comes an increase in academic research. This research examines various aspects of homeschooling (i.e. academic achievements, parent's characteristics, reasons for opting to homeschool, daily routine of homeschooling and more). These aspects are usually examined from the perspective of homeschooling parents; however, researching homeschooling from the perspective of homeschooled children is also important.

One of the most interesting methods for collecting date is using metaphors, mainly for it's ability to collect authentic, unfiltered experiences. Metaphor research is aimed at uncovering of the cognitive structures and social perceptions of the participant

This presentation describes Homeschooled teenagers' opinion regarding their education, and mainly regarding learning, home schooling, and school as manifested in their metaphors regarding these topics.

Participants were asked to describe their metaphors regarding each of these 3 thems, as well as explain why they selected these metaphors

Metaphors for each of these 3 topics were then analyzed to assess the attitude manifested by them (positive, neutral and negative) as well as the topics they belong to.

This presentation is based on:

Neuman, A., & Guterman, O. (2022). “Education is like…”: Home-schooled teenagers’ metaphors for learning, home schooling and school education. Educational Studies, 48(5), 676-691.


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