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The Pre-school: a Kaleidoscope. Young Families and Parenting

Francesca Marone, University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

Maria Navarra, University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

Annamaria Spina, University of Naples Federico II (Italy)


The pre-school is a complex micro-context capable of providing dynamic images of the family and the changes it goes through: the arrival of a child at the pre-school brings with it some critical elements; young parents have to cope with feelings of separation and attachment, mistrust and trust and with educational styles that may differ from their owns and from those of their origin families.

This contribution investigates the structures of families that have recently entered a new phase of their life cycle to answer a double question: What are the challenges of young families? What resources can they tap from childcare services to meet their developmental tasks?

Time to time, educators’ work looks like an integrative effort between polarized and polarizing emotions, experiences and expectations in the relationship with families and children. Starting from these observations, the research adopts a phenomenological reading of the narratives of those who work with families in the Naples 0-6 municipal services.



families, pre-school, teachers, developmental tasks, early childhood.



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