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ChatGPT in Classrooms: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities in Education

Harris Bin Munawar, HAN University of Applied Sciences International School of Business Arnhem, The Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Nikolaos Misirlis, HAN University of Applied Sciences International School of Business Arnhem, The Netherlands (The Netherlands)


In the era of exponential technology growth, one unexpected guest has claimed a seat in classrooms worldwide: Artificial Intelligence. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, promises a revolution in education, yet it arrives with a double-edged sword. Its potential for personalized learning is offset by issues of cheating, inaccuracies, and educators struggling to incorporate it effectively into their lesson design. We’re standing on the brink of this educational frontier, and it is clear that we need to navigate this terrain with a lot of care. This is a major challenge that could undermine the integrity and value of our educational process. So, how can we turn these challenges into opportunities?

When used inappropriately, AI tools can become the perfect tool for the 'cut-copy-paste' mentality, and quickly begin to corrode critical thinking, creativity, and deep understanding – the most important skills in our rapidly changing world. Teachers feel that they are not equipped to leverage this technology, widening the digital divide among educators and institutions.

Addressing these concerns calls for an in-depth research approach. We will employ empirical research, drawing on the Technology Acceptance Model, to assess the attitudes towards generative AI among educators and students. Understanding their perceptions, usage patterns, and hurdles is the first crucial step in creating an effective solution.

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