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Measuring the Effectiveness of Internship Programs in Aligning Education with Industry: A Comprehensive Analysis of Internship Outcomes in College of Communication and Media during Covid-19

Fokiya Akhtar, College of Communication and Media Sciences, Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

Tarannum Parkar, College of Technological Innovation, Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)


Internships offer students and graduates a chance to gain practical experience in their field of study. Over ten weeks, assessing how university education translates into a professional setting can give insights to educational leaders about the efficacy of their training modules. For the Bachelor of Science students at the College of Communication and Media Sciences, internships are integral to their studies in Media Production and Storytelling, Integrated Strategic Communication, and Tourism Communication. This study employed Kirkpatrick's framework, focusing on the "reaction" and "learning" constructs, and to gauge the alignment of theoretical teachings with practical experiences, 64 student reports from a semester-long online internship in various UAE organizations during Covid 19 were analyzed to highlights the strengths and areas of improvement in aligning academic instruction with real-world applications.


Internship, Measurement, Academic environment, and learning alignment.



[1] S.B. Knouse and G. Fontenot, “Benefits of the business college internship: A research review.” Journal of Counseling, 2008, 45(2), pp.61–66.

[2] G.D. Kuh, “Why integration and engagement are essential to effective educational practice in the twenty-first century. Peer review,” 2008, 10(4), 27.


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