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EduMagic, a Creative Teaching Community

Irina-Ana Drobot, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (Romania)


The purpose of the present paper is to make an analysis, from a netnographic approach, of the online community EduMagic in Romania. This is a site offering teachers in Romania from all teaching levels courses, webinars and conferences based on teaching in a creative and motivational manner. They resort to this as if in response to the latest years’ raising awareness about the way that the Romanian education system needs to be strongly adapted to the current needs and to the current society. Society changes and, with it, teaching and learning should also change, or, otherwise, the result would be that the students would enter an old, and unfamiliar world. Since the author of the present paper is also a member of this site and has finished several courses and taken part in conferences, she can use participatory observation from the netnographic approach to analyse this community. The teachers of the community show a very passionate attitude towards teaching, and they are determined to make the school environment one that promotes creativity, enjoyment, well-being, motivation, and efficiency in learning. They borrow presentation techniques from online social media influencers, and they rely in their lessons on platforms where they can set up visuals for the lesson, including animations, such as Canva, Mozabook, Genially, Wordwall. Mindfulness techniques and motivational techniques present in popular psychology are also used. Technology is regarded as an essential part of both students’ and teachers’ lives. Active participation of the students is considered a measure of the success of the lessons’ creation. Notions of psychology, such as those relating to relationships between students, between teachers and students, as well as between parents and teachers are also considered essential to ensuring a harmonious learning environment in schools. Bullying and its prevention is also a treated topic. The EduMagic platform and community, through their activity, are willing to offer solutions to all that has gone wrong in the Romanian schools over the years.



Active learning, teaching with technology, netnography, motivation



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