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Self-Questioning and Planning of Projects Integrating Oral Literacy at Primary Level

Sylvie Viola, University of Quebec (Canada)

Audrey G-Heon, University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)


As part of a research project on oral literacy integrated with project-based learning, we accompanied ten primary school teachers in planning projects for their students. Our research objectives were to encourage teachers to question themselves when planning projects, and to use different tools to develop oral literacy within these projects. Before and after a twelve-week coaching period, we conducted interviews to paint a picture of the changes perceived by teachers regarding oral literacy, project-based learning, their ability to self-question when planning projects and to observe the evolution of oral literacy in their students. In this communication we will present the problem, the theoretical framework, the support system, and some research results based on the analysis of our interviews. We will also suggest ways in which in-service teacher training can help address the reality of teachers' resistance to change. 

Keywords: Self-questioning strategy, Project-based learning, oral literacy, planning


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