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Re-entry Transitions and Reflection Strategies to Enhance Student Learning

Nancy Arthur, University of South Australia (Australia)


The re-entry transition is a critical stage for students to review international learning experiences and to make sense of new understandings about themselves, about other people, and about the world around them. Students are often prepared for international learning experiences through pre-departure programming, with a focus on helping them to get ready for immersion into new cultural and country contexts, but what strategies help them to consolidate their learning when they return home? It is important to provide students with opportunities to debrief their experiences and deepen their learning during the re-entry transition. Personnel who offer programming to students can also be prepared with teaching and learning strategies that help to engage students and gain new insights about their international experiences. Reflection activities are commonly integrated into curriculum while students are overseas and can also be used effectively in workshops when they return to their home institutions. This presentation will outline some different approaches to reflection and describe a strategy that was used to develop a hybrid model to support student teachers when they returned home from teaching abroad. Discussion will focus on ways to support students to reflect on their international experiences as continuous professional development.


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