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Exploring Learner Perceptions and Motivations in Mobile-Assisted Language Learning: Speaking skills

Eva Vanhee, Busuu (Spain)


This study investigates English language learners' perceptions and motivations in practising speaking skills through a mobile language learning app. An online survey, comprising closed-ended and open-ended questions, gathered insights from participants. Overall, learners reported finding all speaking activities within the app beneficial and enjoyable for improving speaking skills, identifying areas for improvement. The positive reception highlights the effectiveness and engagement provided by MALL platforms, offering valuable insights for educators and instructional designers. Addressing the identified areas for improvement will optimise MALL applications, aligning them with learner preferences and fostering more effective language learning experiences. This research contributes to understanding learner perspectives on mobile language learning, guiding the ongoing evolution of MALL platforms in language education.



mobile-assisted language learning, speaking skills, learner perception



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