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ELF as the Main Medium of Communication in the Albanian Tourist Industry

Irena Skendo, University “Ismail Qemali” (Albania)


The growth of the tourism industry in Albania has been accompanied by an increase of interest in the English language. As the numbers of tourists visiting Albania continue to rise, it was deemed crucial to adopt and adapt English as a common means of communication, which would facilitate: a) understanding among foreigners and locals; b) the provision of services by the hospitality industry c) travel agencies or purveyors of food. ELF is now the main medium of communication in the Albanian tourist industry. In addition, the hospitality industry has also increased throughout the whole country to the construction of new hotels, guesthouses, summer apartments and holiday homes. Those who run this business are now either hiring qualified people with English skills, or are trying to acquire a basic English competence themselves. The questionnaire survey conducted among hotels in the city of Vlore to investigate the use of English in their work confirmed that English was the only language in which they communicated with their customers. 



English, ELF, communication, tourism, accommodation.



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